Nicole is an award winning actress, director and composer. Plus, as a performer, she has captivated audiences onstage, on the big and small screen as well as on social media and in a very international way. Andy Warhol discovered her singing backup for a band performing in a NYC club and the rest is history, She has performed on Broadway, in commercials for US, Canada, France and Japanese TV, for a French Riviera Tour and for the President at the Kennedy Center but her favorite project is the one she is working on right now producing with her company Picard Productions.


Nicole Picard

President and Executive Producer of PICARD PRODUCTIONS, is an award winning director, composer and actress.

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Nicole Picard stars as Nancy

Nicole has written and produced the script for a new unlimited series in which she stars as the character, Nancy Silverstein. She is the matriarch of a modern day 'All in the Family" . The characters are reversed where she is the Carol O'Connor conservative parent, who says somewhat controversial, humorous comments. The streaming series is called SURPRISE! and Nicole is very connected to the social issues presented in the storyline. The role of Nancy is complex, especially being a mother to 2 ying/yang kids, they are literally polar opposites. It is an interesting dilemma that she is confronted with. Her son is a womanizer and her daughter, not only comes out of the closet but then decides she is transgender.

Nicole plays Nancy with real sensitivity, as the character is similar to herself in real life. As so many parents struggle with their children's choices, Nicole has a transgender daughter, and even though they are working on their communication and connection, Nicole embraces her choice wholeheartedly!

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Nancy arrives at home with her hands full and a large 9 months pregnant belly.

Nancy opens the door to the apartment she shares with her husband Brian to find a group of her girlfriends shouting Surprise!

It turns out to be a gender reveal/baby shower and Nancy finds out what the baby's sex is, in the first 3 minutes of the show.


The Silverstein Brood

The Cast of Characters

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David Edelstien as

Brian Silverstein


Abigail Thomson as

Lisa Silverstein

Jason McCrite as

Joey Silverstein


Logan Laurel as    Young Lisa

       Jake Getman as                  Young Joey

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Also appearing in SURPRISE!

Laura Walker, Sheila Korsi, Miranda Wynne, Alaska Jackson, Melody Parra, Cat Healy, Cassie Carpenter, Kelly McDevitt, Paula Achter, Ellen Burr, Piper Major, Liv Shechter, Willow Hunt,Georgia Wilson and Melodee Piper.


Nicole Picard establishes Picard Productions January 2019

The 1st Project produced by Nicole's production company, by the beach is where they filmed close to her home in Santa Monica. She wanted to present the feeling of being in your natural and comfortable surroundings. The main compound for the tribe is in Malibu and despite wildfires raging around the location, they managed to complete filming in 20 days with 50 actors employed with filming running from
June - September 2019. They were able to complete 3 episodes to help promote what will eventually be an ongoing series.

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Picard Productions first foray into submitting a project to local film festivals resulted for in quite a few accolades. Awards were received for Best Leading Actress - Nicole Picard, Best Supporting Actress - Melody Parra, Best Theme Song - Lineage Tribe Theme Song and Best Director - Nicole Picard and Best Soundtrack.

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NICOLE PICARD has gained recognition as a lyricist and composer which is strongly represented in the music videos from Lineage Tribe. The individual song releases from the soundtrack will support the creative vision and promote the music and series storyline to the masses.

Anyone remember Flashdance? Like the huge impact multiple songs from that film had on commercial radio, this is the same concept, the story unfolds through the songs. From the music videos, fans will then be driven to watch the musical performances in the Lineage Tribe experience.

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Notre Dame Cathedral (before the fire) is seen in flashbacks during the course of the series. Stunning views of the towers, the buttresses, the statues of so many religious icons. The Mother Mary is there in all humility with a pigeon on her head and a bird nest tucked behind her statue.

The theme is presented, this is a story about women in positions of power who choose to lead the people, not to expand their power. The storylines revolve around the key women of the tribe who help girls and women deal with life's challenges. Mental health, domestic abuse, sex trafficking, LGBTQ issues and environmental crises.

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Nicole is seen here singing the blues tune 'For My Heart' while in the recording studio. This song describes how the character she plays, Sunev, is surviving the breakup of her marriage. 

The head scarf is the look of the tribe and is shown in many scenes during the film although here she looks like a rock star!



There you will be able to enjoy the Lineage Tribe Theme Song Music Video.

Read more about the cast and the newest developments for the project as it is gaining recognition for a possible distribution contract.

"LINEAGE TRIBE is my fantasy world that provides comfort and stability in a hostile world. Come join us and be a part of this peace seeking experience."

Nicole Picard



Picard Productions


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