Nicole Picard
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Media from 1980 to 2020

Nicole has worked in many different areas of the entertainment industry and you will be amazed at how many characters she has portrayed. We will show you them all in reversed chronological order.

Just scroll down and stop along the way to delve into a career with lots of interesting twists and turns...

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Great Performances

Nicole Picard was on Broadway in the original company of Starlight Express and the photo above shows her in her costume portraying the role of Buffy the Buffet Car. She was in a musical theatre production titled Give me Gershwin as her first out of town gig, but her very first onstage professional performance was singing backstage with a band called Pillow when Andy Warhol came backstage and with excitable effusions said she was the only person he watched onstage and she should front her own band. Well, she went on to do more than just that....


Give me Gershwin - Oakland West DT

  Les Oranges et Bleus - French Riviera

     Fashion as Art - Club Zipper NYC

        Lillian Von Schtupp - AIDS Benefit




At Home - Mogul's Theatre

  The Glass Menagerie - Rose Theatre

      Backstreet - Santa Monica Playhouse

         Kissup M Bliss - Firehouse Theatre

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STARLIGHT EXPRESS - On Broadway & On Tour

Onstage and Backstage Photos

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Lineage Tribe

Showcase of Work

A musical series filmed in the beautiful landscape of Malibu and along the shoreline of Santa Monica Bay.

Nicole wrote, directed, composed the music and starred in this ongoing project. She plays the role of Sunev (Venus spelled backwards) and she leads a tribe of women and girls who support each other and help them get through the challenges in their lives. The story starts in Paris, London and then California where young lovers find each other and compete with a long distance other lover.
Girls are rescued, they recover through dance and music as well as communing with nature.


Film Clips

TV and Film appearances ranging from comedy to drama, old and new. Nicole Picard has had a journey playing a wide range of interesting characters.